Friday, January 27, 2012

The gym bag's on the shelf until Monday...

But that's not to say that I'm not thinking about my program and what I'll do next week to stay on track and keep myself motivated.

This week was tough with a colleague passing away last week and the funeral starting the week off with a major slump. Tuesday I felt ill. Wednesday I had an appointment with Mathieu. I just haven't been "in it" this week.

Although I have been slacking off on the physical end of things I have improved compared to last week as far as my nutritional goals go. My aim this week was to decrease my consumption of sugar. Next week I hope to increase the amount of protein in my diet to 80-100g per day. The ultimate goal would be .9g of protein per lb (in my case 140g/day).

I'm also attempting to indulge less: once a week. Although I could cut this out completely I find it helps to keep me sane. I do push myself hard when I am at my best but I am human. I can't tell myself that I'll never eat another slice of cake in my life: it simply is unreasonable.

The plan for next week is to get myself to the gym 6 times. I'm not asking for perfection. I'm just asking myself to get there and to get through my workouts as best as I can. I can push once being at the gym becomes normal again.

Workout Plan:
Monday/Thursday: treadmill HIIT and Mathieu's Program
Tuesday/Friday: 5m jog 4x4B & C
Wednesday/Saturday: 10m hill or stair mill Upper body strength/lower body strength

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