Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Final Phase: Bodybuilding

As I sit here I am very much aware of the fact that I have been neglecting this bog. I was, can we say, distracted by the events which were to take place from December 2-5, 2011. I was ill with the tummy bug just a week prior to departure. I caught the #NickPlague onboard the Imagination and have been recovering "gym free" ever since I got back home (as my roomie would say: "so ANTI-"woohoo").

I just got home from an appointment with my trainer Mathieu which marks the beginning of the final phase of this transformation which began on February 4th, 2008. And, as I sit here, a part of me still cannot believe that this is MY story. We often dream of change, or better days - we hope that our current situation will someday be traded in for "the greener grass on the other side". But how was I to know that my luck would change and that I would someday be sitting on the other side looking back, finally able to say that "I changed my life".

And yet, here I am, listening to "That's the way I like it" (clearly still on a buzz from the Backstreet Boys cruise) having changed, having worked hard and achieved what I always thought Impossible. And now, I realize that there is nothing that is unbelievable or impossible. 

I've always believed that pictures tell the story best. So here is mine:







Nearly four years of watching what I ate, countless workouts, hours at the gym, dollars spent on corrective surgery have come to this. I am so grateful for the opportunity to live a full and healthy life and for my ability to now pay it forward. I never thought I would ever wear a bikini or feel confident in clothing or enjoy shopping. This new life is an adjustment, but it is certainly a new adventure I welcome with an open heart (and greedy eyes! I certainly have an addiction to shopping!).

I currently weigh: 155.4lbs 
%BodyFat: 25%
Next goal: -10lbs fat, +5lbs Lean Body Mass

I meet with my trainer tomorrow to discuss my first training program with the aim of building muscle. So exciting!

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